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Re: Win95 thinks partition still huge

On Sat, 11 Aug 2001, Clare Johnstone wrote:
> Hi all,
> This question, in brief is - where is the vfat filesystem documented?
> [snippy snippy snippy snip]
> Please does anyone know where is it documented in such a way that I could
> edit its tables?
well you don't actually need the vfat documentation....you need is linux
'fdisk'.  However like lots of people you don't go commiting your
partition table to memory (down to the block allocation :) ).  What you
need instead is a useful utility that will search the whole harddisk for
the beginnings of partitions so that you can restore the lot by hand (in
the same program) :)

It may not help to restore 100% however it may restore most of the stuff,
depending on how much windoze decided to scrub and how much you have
actually used windoze.

The utility you need is 'spfdisk' (SPecial FDISK) and is a DOS utility.
Its only problem is that it has been written by a guy from Taiwan who's
english is not 100% :)  Especially in the older versions you didn't quite
know what the 'y' key actually did :)  Luckily his english has gotten
better to the stage where it is safe for us to use :)

In the program is a partition manager which can scan the harddisk for the
missing partitions, telling you where they are.  You then use this data to
reconstruct the partition table.  It is much easier than it sounds.

[proggy mailed to Clare]

happy reconstructing :) [BTW you owe me one student pint :) ]


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