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Hi all

My girlfriend recenelt purchase an HP pavilion N5470 Laptop.

I saw on the linux laptop site that someone did get it working but I still
need stome help as there are some vague areas.

This is the setup

15.0" screen
AMD 1 gig CPU
256 meg of RAM
Trident graphics chipset (UNKOWN)
OHCI USB (2 ports)
DVD/CD-RW drive
20 gig hard drive
3-com mini-PCI modem and 10/100 ethernet

and Here is what the laptop linux site info had on it.

Video  fbdev driver.  Does anyone know what video card this is or what

Network Right Now i put in a lynsys network card and it workds fine,
but trying to get built in ethernet wouldbe be great.  Is the tulip
driver a network work card driver for PCMCIA or a regular network card
driver.  The site says they got it to work with the the tulip driver.  IS
there on ly one

Modem. Im not too concerned aobut getting this one to work
Apparently it's an Winmodem made by ESS. There was once a binary 2.2
driver that might of worked, but it doesn't appear to be available
anymore. There doesn't appear to be a 2.4 driver.

Sound : This shoudl present no problem
The card is a ESS Allegro ES1988 and uses the maestro3 driver. Probably
only works with 2.4, since I don't know if there is even a 2.2 version of
this driver.

CDROM : Does the follow blurb mean this mean i have to have scsi support ?
"I've gotten the CD burning functionality working. I burned a Video CD
image with the following command: cdrdao write --driver generic-mmc
--device 0,0,0 vcd.toc. To make this work you have to get the ide-scsi
module working. I haven't tried playing a DVD under Linux yet, but with
the lack of hardware acceleration when using vesafb, it probably wouldn't
be very useful even if it does work. "

Power Management Again. ive complied ACPI support into the kernel but when
i type shutdown the computer powers down but doesnt turn off. What am i
forgetting to do.

SO, Ive gotten linux to install, but the the shell window is rather funky
in that is only takes a middle portion of the lcd screen while leaving
extremely wide areas of blacnk space around the whole text.  DO i have
have framebuffers.

Any, thats a lot and i do appreciate the help. Thanks

OH and the site that had the info i was talking about is



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