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On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Paul Tansom wrote:
> Right, it seems I need to check out my PCMCIA setup.  My NIC is an integrated
> mini-pci one, which works fine but does not use PCMCIA.  When I insert the card
> there is no sound and my GKrellM plugin thinks the slots are empty.  It does
> mount as another drive under 'doze, so if I get PCMCIA sorted then I should be
> up and running.  Thanks for that, it seems likely I am not on a hopeless quest.
> Get PCMCIA and sound sorted on my C600 and I'll be a happy bunny :-)

OK, I'll reply to my own post with an update in case it is of any use to other
people.  Thanks for the help to those who replied.  In the end it turns out to
by incredibly easy.  The first trick (and the one I was missing) was that you
can't mount the PCMCIA card as an empty drive - you need the memory stick in
there.  Once this has been done it's just plain easy!  I simply booted with the
card in place, and noted the messages to identify that in my case the card
shows up as /dev/hdc1, I then added:

/dev/hdc1  /digital  auto  defaults,rw,user,noauto  0  0

to /etc/fstab and was away :-)  (of course creating /digital first!)

Again, thanks for the pointers which assured me I was heading in the correct
direction.  Definately the right decision not to get the USB verion of the
adapted - which strangely enough was more expensive!

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