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Re: X11 at different resolution for I8000.

> Hi guys, I have a Inspiron 8000 and it works great. I've just finished 
> setting up DRI if anyone needs help with that I can prolly help you a 
> bit (been working on it for over a week :) Doesn't seem to be very 
> stable but I'm not blaming my install for that ;)
> But now that I can play all these games and look at these nice graphics, 
> I'd like to switch resolutions to something else than 1400x1050, but 
> when I change to other modes, it doesn't look so good (some kind of 
> delay/refraction going on)..
> I guess I need the modelines for these other modes, if anyone has them 
> or knows a fix for this, I would really appreciate it!
> Thanks!
> Yannick
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Could you please post some details about DRI?

Regarding the other resolutions forget about them. The only other resolution
I have been able to use with the I8K is 1280x1024, but 1400x1050 looks much

You could instead use the vesafb at 1024x768 for the virtual consoles.
You get a nice screen of 128x48 characters. To activate it compile the
vesafb into the kernel and add the following option into lilo.conf:


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