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Re: tpctl and kernel 2.4.7

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 11:27:24AM -0400, Ignasi Palou-Rivera wrote:
> I have a new Thinkpad A21m. I'm running testing on it, with very few
> glitches. After upgrading the kernek to a customized 2.4.7, I decided
> to get tpctl working last night. The tpctl packages in tsting are
> really old (0.8 something or other, the same ones as stable), while
> the unstable ones are very recent (2.5.4). I installed and compiled
> tpctl-sources just fine. When using modconf to get the modules
> installed I get everything working except for the main driver,
> thinkpad.o that refuses to load. Therefore, I can't get the tpctl
> utilities to work.
> I saw that the dependencies of the unstable tpctl packages are met by
> an up-to-date testing box like mine, so I'll probably try to install
> those instead. Does anybody have any experience in tpctl and 2,4
> kernels using testing? The tpctl page talks about some dependencies of
> versions with kernel versions, but there's nothing in the Debian
> packages. (How to properly do kernel dependencies is a tough one, I'm
> sure.)

Adrian has sorted that out by including source for the 2.2 kernel
(tpctl version <=1) and the 2.4 kernel (tpctl from version 2) in the
Debian module source package.  If you look in the modules source, you'll
see there is a 2.2 and 2.4 subdirectory.  The build process will
automatically build the right one for you, so you don't need to worry -
you'll get the module for the 2.4 kernel if that's what you're building

As for your problem, can you post some output?  Does lsmod show you have
any thinkpad modules loaded at all, e.g. thinkpad, smapi?  What does
modprobe thinkpad do?  Are you using devfs?  This will affect how the
modules are loaded.  What does your /etc/modutils/tpctl look like?  This
is mine, which works OK:

path[thinkpad]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/thinkpad
options thinkpad thinkpad_enable_smapi=1 thinkpad_enable_superio=1
alias char-major-10-170 thinkpad
alias /dev/thinkpad thinkpad
alias /dev/thinkpad/thinkpad thinkpad
alias /dev/thinkpad/smapi smapi
alias /dev/thinkpad/superio superio
alias /dev/thinkpad/rtcmosram rtcmosram
alias /dev/thinkpad/thinkpadpm thinkpadpm

Chris Halls

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