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Re: IDE errors on mounting DVDs

Alexander Clouter wrote:
On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Sam Tingleff wrote:

Isn't that part of the copy protection?  You need an app like VideoLAN
or Xine to do the DeCSS key stuff with the drive.

I think this is only true to *play* the VOB files, not to actually read or
copy the VOB files.  Much in the same way an encrypted sheet of paper can
be copied (via a photocopier) however to actually understand what is on
the sheet of paper you need the DeCSS stuff.

Yep exactly; I do have vlc with the deCSS stuff, but since I can't read the data off the DVD in the first place it never gets a chance.

I've seen these errors explained in the past by saying you can't just read all levels of a DVD direct, and that you need to use ioctls, but I get these errors even on mounting a DVD. Also, vlc gets these errors when it tries the drive, and surely it knows what to do.

If I download an CSS encrypted VOB from the net, I can decode it fine.

I also know it's not a region-issue, since I've tried both R1 & R2 discs, and I know the drive firmware is set to one of these (in fact I know it's set to R1, but I tried R2 just in case).

Has anyone else got DVD working on a Dell laptop, with the TORiSAN drive?


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