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Re: pcmcia-modules-2.2.19 does not exist (potato)

> I would recommend you to configure and compile your own customized
> kernel-source. There is a lot of stuff in these images, for example 
> drivers for devices which you don't have. After making your new kernel
> bootable, boot this kernel and then go to /usr/usr/pcmcia (after 
> unpacking the source-package for pcmcia). Then type "./configure && 
> make all && make install && make clean". After this you can start your
> new pcmcia-module with "/etc/init.d/pcmcia start".

Thanx for the answer, it's good to know there are people willing to help
out there ...
I compiled the kernel and the pcmcia-modules and it works fine.
I've just added FreeSWAN (IPSec) ... seems to work, too.
Tomorrow I'll go to my university (where we have an IPSec wireless
network) and try it out.

This is what I've done:
installed kernel-sources-2.2.19, kernel-package and pcmcia-source
unpacked the source files

then (in the kernel source dir):

  make-kpkg clean
  make xconfig
  make-kpkg --revision rakah.1 kernel_image
   (rakah is my notebook's name)
  make-kpkg --revision rakah.1 modules_image

After that, there are two deb-files:

These images had to be installed.
It took me only twenty minutes (well, most of the time I stared
at the screen while the CPU was working).
kernel-package rocks! I can really recommend it ;-)


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