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Re: Suspend on Omnibook XE3

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 04:31:15PM -0600, Al Stone wrote:
> How big is the hibernate partition?  On some of the OmniBooks,
> I've seen a very, very small hibernate partition (it needs to
> be the same size as your RAM plus ~10-15MB).  What I've seen
> in some of those cases is that neither suspend nor hibernate 
> will work; I'm not sure I know why this happens (I haven't hunted
> it down yet) but the problem went away when the hibernate partition
> was made the proper size (which had to be done for other reasons).

The hibernate partition is about 280MB, in any case the hibernation works
in Linux but not the suspend. In Win98 both suspend and hibernation works.

Jose Manuel Gomez Claros
.signature was eaten by a GRUE

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