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Re: thinkpad A21p display restore problem when opening top in X11

> By the way, has anyone tried the DRI 3D support on the ATI Mobility M3
> (the video chipset the TP A21p has) in X4?  What is involved in setting
> this up in debian?

Yes. It works fine. It locked a few time for me in 4.0.1, but not since
4.0.3, [I think]. agpgart and r128 drm compiled as modules, set permissions
on /dev/agpgart, make sure the agpgart and r128 modules are loaded _before_
you start X [1]. Oh yes, it should be enabled in your XF86Config file, of

[1] They seem to get autoloaded only after the first time X requests them,
    by which time X seems to have decided they aren't available, or
    something. I'm being hand-wavy here, but preloading them works fine.

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