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Re: Suspend on Omnibook XE3

How big is the hibernate partition?  On some of the OmniBooks,
I've seen a very, very small hibernate partition (it needs to
be the same size as your RAM plus ~10-15MB).  What I've seen
in some of those cases is that neither suspend nor hibernate 
will work; I'm not sure I know why this happens (I haven't hunted
it down yet) but the problem went away when the hibernate partition
was made the proper size (which had to be done for other reasons).


Jose Manuel Gomez wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 August 2001 17:25, you wrote:
> > Is power management turned on in the BIOS and does the kernel
> > have the support compiled in?
> Hi Clayton, thank you for your help :)
> I have the following options:
>    [*] Power Management support
>    [ ]   ACPI support
>   <*>   Advanced Power Management BIOS support
>    [ ]     Ignore USER SUSPEND
>    [*]     Enable PM at boot time
>    [*]     Make CPU Idle calls when idle
>    [ ]     Enable console blanking using APM
>    [ ]     RTC stores time in GMT
>    [ ]     Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls
>    [ ]     Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off
> BTW, is there any form of using those special keys (suspend, www, email, ...)
> in linux? I tried with the program showkey but they didn't  returned a value.
> I'm just curious about this.
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> Jose Manuel Gomez Claros
> <ilinsar@jazzfree.com>
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