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Re: SIS 630 and X

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 12:54:26PM +0200, Udo M?ller wrote:
> Hello list,
> since yesterday I own my first notebook. It's a Gericom Webgine
> with an SiS 630 chipset.

Look at linux-laptops.net, and on my own page

That laptop (Clevo 2700) (is the same ???) has the same video

> Installing Debian 2.2r3 was no problem, but making a X-Server run
> is one.
> Which X-Server do i have to take? What do i have to do else?

If you use xfree4, use xserver-xfree86, and choose the svga driver,
don't use the sis driver or framebuffer because that's for sis5xxx cards

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