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Re: SVGA and XF86Config

On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 02:06:03PM -0400, Eric Borton wrote:
> I have a 3040 CDT Toshiba laptop using Debian Woody.  I am also using xf86 version 4.0.+.
> After I run xf86config, I can get the x window to show in 800x600 at 8-bit.
> I tried to step up to 1024x768 using 16-bit.  I received a error message that the svga server was not available.  I tried to apt-get install svga but this did not work either.  Also, I tried to edit the xf86config-4 fiile and eliminating the generic vga section and leaving only a svga portion for the trident driver I have.  This still does not work.  Can someone tell me if I am missing a command or a lib or file.  

just a shot in the dark, did you upgrade this box from potato? i ask
because i did on my box and in the process of apt-get dist-upgrade it kept back
the version of the svga server which i could not get to work with xf 86
4.0. the solution was:

1. apt-get remove xserver-svga
2. apt-get install xserver-svga

(having my apt sources pointed to testing).
this fixed things for me (on a thinkpad x20).


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