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Re: How to clean a laptop?

Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> schrieb am 05.08.01:
> Dear people,
> 	I just bought a used laptop (it's a Compaq Armada V300) and
> 	since it is a second hand computer, I'd like to have some care
> 	with it.
> 	After installing Linux on it, I now want to clean it, since it
> 	is full of finger prints and marks, but I don't know how to do
> 	this. What would be the preferred ways of cleaning it? Which
> 	products could I use with it?
> 	I think that a cloth moistened with water won't be sufficient
> 	(and I'm not sure it is even the recommended way), but I'm
> 	really scared of using alcohol on it (especially with the lcd
> 	display).
> 	Since this is my first laptop, I'd like to ask the more
> 	experienced people for some assistance.
> 	Thank you very much for any help, Roger...

Hi Roger!

Just try a micrograin-rag or special moistened rags for electronic devices. They should be available in every good drug-store or super-market. 
If you want to clean your Laptop like an man, then you should also purchase a little special pocket-hoover, a special set of cleaning-brushes with anti-static bristles and you should only use your keyboard with the new anti-static latex-gloves.

Much greetings,  ;-)


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