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Re: Please recommend a machine (fwd)

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Jaime Bemaras wrote:
> I am looking to acquire a laptop. I will need a dual boot system
> because my university only supports MS software (don't get me
> started).
only curious, what has your university got to do with resticting you?  Or
is it that you have to use Word, etc.  Although they say they will *only*
support M$ stuff, most linux users only need support from people list hose
found lurking on this mailing list........only curious :)

> - AMD processor preferred.
hmmmmm AMD are about to release a lot of laptop specific CPU's which are
ment to be good on power.  However it is hard to find AMD laptops if I
remember correctly.  Have you considered Crusoe?  The *new* sony VAIO's do
look nice (about £1600) and the kit under the hood all seems useful and
probably well supported by linux, however there is no infrared port which
is upsetting........

> - Touchpad preferred (I hate eraser-style mice)
preach on brother.....however alot of people will disagree with you here
(flame war flame war :) )

> - Active Matrix with 1024x768 or better resolution
I think you will find it hard to find a blurry screen nowadays....

> - Room for a lot of RAM
it really depends what you want to do with you laptop, major server
(unlikely for various reasons :) ) then you need 1Gb+, otherwise you will
find from now to the end of time 256Mb is *far* too much, however it is
useful for caching MP3's ;)

> - DVD (DVD/CD-RW combo?) (even if swappable)
money's no object huh? :)

> - Obviously, Debian supported hw (sound, modem, etc.)
this really bugs me, its not *Debian* supported, its *linux*

> Any suggestions? I understand that this is a very open question.
as suggested on this list before and I think its the best advice, go out,
forget about linux/windoze and just look for selection of laptops within
your spec and price range.  Write down the names/model/manufacturer of the
laptop down, and if possible the actual hardware (ie built in
modems/ethernet/infrared port) which can be done in the shop by going to
the Control Panal -> System -> Device List (this will tell you all you
need to know about the actual hardware of the devices).  Once you have
this list go to www.linux-laptop.net and see what is said.  If the laptop
is too new to have a marking search the individual hardware components out
on the web for their support under linux, etc.

If this fails contact the laptop manufacturer and see if they plan to be
helpful (even unofficially), this is unlikely to happen though....

> If you find it easier to answer which machine(s) stay away from by all
> means, please do so.
> Same for manufacturers; if I should avoid a particular one like the
> plage, please speak up. Also, if you know of one that's
> Linux-certified or even Linux-supportive, please make me (us all)
> aware.
www.linux-laptop.net should answer this

> Your information is more valuable than you initially think. Thank you
> very much in advance for your time and advice.
happy searching....


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