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Re: Some progress (Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia)

> > The second beep might be your card, or the cardmgr daemon,
> > shutting down.  Try unplugging the card and plugging it back it.  When
> > I do that, I hear a beep on the unplug, a beep on the plug and a beep
> > when it's all up.  How's that for tech support!  ;)
> Will I have to do this all the time? From what I understand, these
> cards are very fragile so I'd rather not be unplugging it all the time.
> - Bart

Well, if it's a software annoyance and not that it seated poorly, then you
should be able to use 'cardctl eject' and 'cardctl insert'  (I do this all
the time, my stuff can't tell whether I felt like having the card on, and
I don't feel like bleeding juice for it when I don't need its services.)

If it *is* that it seats improperly, then get it seated properly once, and
then prefer to use cardctl to pop and unpop it unless you really need the
slot for something else.

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