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Re: Cursor Gets Stuck

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Ignasi Palou-Rivera wrote:

> I also remember a similar problem with my desktop. It was gpm's
> fault. One of the defaults in the gpm's debconf has a conflict with

No two devices can have /dev/psaux (usefully) open at the same time -
If you want both X and the console to have access to the same psaux
device, then you must set gpm up as a repeater and get X to use /dev/gpmdata
as its mouse device. [Note that you should also select an appropriate
protocol for gpm to repeat in]

console-mouse  <--------------- gpm <- /dev/psaux
Xfree86 <- /dev/gpmdata <-[ protocol translated ]

Later versions of gpm have been reported as working around this by
releasing the device when you switch away from the console, but if
this is in fact the problem you are seeing then either the version
you have is  not recent enough, or this workaround, well, isn't.

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