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Re: Please recommend a machine

on Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 10:59:10AM -0700, Jaime Bemaras (jbemaras@redsonic.com) wrote:

> Evidently my last posting didn't make it to the list. I appologize if I end up double-posting.

Please set your linewrap to 72 characters.

> I am looking to acquire a laptop. I will need a dual boot system
> because my university only supports MS software (don't get me
> started).

Consider:  Win4Lin.

> Here's my whishlist:
> - AMD processor preferred.
> - Touchpad preferred (I hate eraser-style mice)
> - Active Matrix with 1024x768 or better resolution
> - Room for a lot of RAM
> - DVD (DVD/CD-RW combo?) (even if swappable)
> - A big HD
> - Obviously, Debian supported hw (sound, modem, etc.)
> Any suggestions? I understand that this is a very open question.


QLITech's "King" has served me well under the guise of the TuxTops
Amethyst.  I believe it's only available with Intel :-(, but otherwise
should serve you well.  It's also available from Chembook and probably
under the Dell label.  OEM Compal has just signed a big Dell contract.


...it's got a docking base with CD or DVD, and floppy or LT-120
superdisk, as well as space for a spare battery.  Without the base, 1"
thick, 4.3 lb.   Prices start at 1,731.

    20GB HD
    192 MB (320 MB max)
    Onboard ethernet and modem (Lucent Winmodem, drivers available).

The only support I've found spotty has been suspend.  Sometimes it
works, sometimes it doesn't.  Sound works (buy headphones -- onboard
speakers suck), I use a PCMCIA modem, found the D-Link 802.11b PCMCIA
card worked out of the box.  Slightly flakey power connecter.

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