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xfree86 4.1.0 ati rage 128

I had no problems with xfree86 4.0.x on my dell inspiron 4000, but after
upgrading to 4.1.0, I now have crud all over my text console when I either
quit X or go to the console. I have temporarily solved this problem by
using a savetextmode/textmode combination, but this is tedious for
everytime I have to change to console.

I tried various combinations of compiling dri and agpgart as modules or
into the kernel, and turning DRI off, just in case, but all to no avail.

Anyone solved this (or indeed, come across it at all)?

The other thing, that is not related to laptops at all (besides the fact
that I am trying this on mine) - I have to run a second X session with
only 8 bit colors, for some really broken analysis software, and
running X via 
startx -- :1
doesn't seem to set the DISPLAY properly, nor sets up the permissions. I
am tracking debian unstable, but this has not been fixed in quite some
number of versions. Of course it could be that my customization has
screwed something up - but has anyone noticed this?

I hacked up a very dodgy set of scripts, and being dodgy, they broke upon
upgrade, so I just settled with xdm in the end. But it is still annoying
that manually starting a second (or third!) X session no longer works....


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