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Re: Cursor Gets Stuck

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 07:22:09PM +0200, Marc Peters wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> first i have to say:  " turn of the gpm ", i had the same problems with
> xfree4.0 and gpm at the same time initialized.
> if you turn of gpm and it´s the same game, then some choices in your
> xf86config are wrong... try to configure the
> x-system again and also try it with a smaller resolution, it sometimes also
> causes problems...

I also remember a similar problem with my desktop. It was gpm's
fault. One of the defaults in the gpm's debconf has a conflict with
the xfree ps/2 support. I can't remember exactly, but there were
several threads about in in the Debian mailing lists archives.


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