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NE2k PCMCIA 2.2.19 kernel

I have a toshiba tecra 510CDT (P133 144MB Ram) and a trendnet TE210-CT PCMCIA Ethernet adapter.  
the PCMCIA Appears to be working but there is no eth0 after it boots.  I have tried alot of different solutions with the assistance of someone on IRC but unfortunately I don't have any experience with PCMCIA or the inner workings of Linux (i'm comfortable with Package management and console based programs, but the guts of the OS are still a mystery to me)  can anyone offer any assistance.  the only thing is that if at all possible i'd like to do this with ONLY what comes in the debian base install, because I have no Floppy Drive or CD Rom on the laptop and no way to get files on it with the exception of popping out the HD and putting it in a desktop machine with a little IDE Converter which I don't have :)

Thanks in advance for any help Guys.
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