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Re: xfree86 4.1.0 ati rage 128

Check in the debian-user mailing list archive, this is a know issue.
You need to override a .o file found in a tgz from XFree.

Or check the bug page of xserver-xfree86.

Le jeu, 16 aoû 2001 11:16:40, Tim Connors a écrit :
> I had no problems with xfree86 4.0.x on my dell inspiron 4000, but after
> upgrading to 4.1.0, I now have crud all over my text console when I
> either
> quit X or go to the console. I have temporarily solved this problem by
> using a savetextmode/textmode combination, but this is tedious for
> everytime I have to change to console.
> I tried various combinations of compiling dri and agpgart as modules or
> into the kernel, and turning DRI off, just in case, but all to no avail.
> Anyone solved this (or indeed, come across it at all)?
> The other thing, that is not related to laptops at all (besides the fact
> that I am trying this on mine) - I have to run a second X session with
> only 8 bit colors, for some really broken analysis software, and
> running X via 
> startx -- :1
> doesn't seem to set the DISPLAY properly, nor sets up the permissions. I
> am tracking debian unstable, but this has not been fixed in quite some
> number of versions. Of course it could be that my customization has
> screwed something up - but has anyone noticed this?
> I hacked up a very dodgy set of scripts, and being dodgy, they broke upon
> upgrade, so I just settled with xdm in the end. But it is still annoying
> that manually starting a second (or third!) X session no longer works....
> Thanks.
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