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Re: CTX ExBook 700 series Shadow Ram

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001 judlandwaste@netscape.net wrote:
> Anyone know how to disable the Shadow RAM settings on a CTX ExBook 700
> series Notebook?  Is it critical that I get the shadow RAM disabled?
its not critical at all.  The purpose of it is to speed up the video card
under DOS (and maybe windows), however linux has *zero* use for it.  If
its enabled you will loose about 100-150k work of memory, if I rememebr
correctly.  As you can see not critical, however it is annoying to know
that that memory is *never* going to get used :(

> I access the BIOS settings but I cannot seem to change the settings
> for the shadow RAM from ENABLED.
I cannot either, its something I have had to live with :(


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