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ATI Mobility M4

On Monday, 20. August 2001 00:57, laptop@votcom.com wrote:
> I just bought an Inspiron 8000.  I cannot get X going.  None of the drivers
> work for it.  Everyone says the Rage128 is the one, but apparently is not,
> unless I'm doing something wrong.  I have tried to upgrade to XFree86
> 4.1.0.  This didn't solve it.  I reinstalled Debian with Woody, this did
> not solve it, neither did 4.1.0 with Woody.
> I'm seeing a lot of posts about the Dell I8000, apparently others have got
> it going, also it is apparent that in RedHat this video card comes right
> up.  I'm at my wits end trying to get X.

I remember that Dell has some rpm's with XF86Config's on their ftp-service:
ftp.dell.com Look at the video subdirectory unpack an enjoy.


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