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Crash on suspend

Whenever I try to enter suspend mode (apm -s) on my laptop, it hangs:
the LCD backlight stays on, sometimes text mode characters remain on
the screen, and there is no way to get out of this state except
through a hard reset.  Hibernation used to work fine before I upgraded
from a 5GB hard disk to an IBM-DJSA-220 with 20GB: I used to get a
nifty set of progress bars during the save-to-disk process.  After the
upgrade, I created a hibernation partition at the end of the disk and
initialized it using lphdisk.  However, the system did not make use of
this partition, instead it crashed as described.  Since the BIOS
reports the drive to have 8455 MB only, I thought this might be the
problem, so I moved the hibernation partition below that limit and
initialized it again.  But even with this setup, it still crashes.  I
switched back and forth between Suspend-to-Disk and Suspend-to-RAM in
the BIOS setup - no improvement.  Standby (apm -S) works as
advertised.  /etc/syslog just says how it disables PCMCIA and USB,
then 'apmd: User Suspend', followed by the messages from the reboot.

I wonder: am I missing a step in between setting up the partition with
lphdisk and invoking suspend?  Or will it not work at all with an
"oversize" disk because of BIOS constraints?

- No-name laptop, very similar to ASUS 9000 series
- Phoenix BIOS V6 R4
- Pentium III 600 Speedstep
- 192 MB RAM
- /dev/hda4 with type 0xa0, 222 MB, cyls 305 to 331 (2432 total)
- Kernel 2.4.5 with apm as a module (kernel hasn't changed from when it
	worked with the old disk)

Thanks for any hint


Rolf Heckemann

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