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Please recommend a machine

Hello list,

Evidently my last posting didn't make it to the list. I appologize if I end up double-posting.

I am looking to acquire a laptop. I will need a dual boot system because my university only supports MS software (don't get me started).

Here's my whishlist:

- AMD processor preferred.
- Touchpad preferred (I hate eraser-style mice)
- Active Matrix with 1024x768 or better resolution
- Room for a lot of RAM
- DVD (DVD/CD-RW combo?) (even if swappable)
- A big HD
- Obviously, Debian supported hw (sound, modem, etc.)

Any suggestions? I understand that this is a very open question.

If you find it easier to answer which machine(s) stay away from by all means, please do so.

Same for manufacturers; if I should avoid a particular one like the plage, please speak up. Also, if you know of one that's Linux-certified or even Linux-supportive, please make me (us all) aware.

Your information is more valuable than you initially think. Thank you very much in advance for your time and advice.


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