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Re: possible to restore damaged Lilo in MBR

> After reinstalled win2k, I can no longer access
> my existing Linux installation. Sadly, I didn't create a boot disk.

I don't know if this will work out of w2k, but it's worth a shot. Note this
will only work if you can boot the machine from a floppy, and if you know
the location of your root partition (/dev/hda1 etc)

- First, go to a debian mirror site, say


	and get the file called rescue.bin

- Head to mirror.direct.ca/pub/liunx/debian/tools and get rawrite1.zip or
	rawrite2.zip (these are programs to let you do a dd from dos.)

- unpack rawrite and use it to dump the rescue.bin image onto a blank floppy.
- Reboot the machine from the floppy at the boot: prompt, type
	rescue root=<name of your partition> hit F1/F3 for help.

-Once the machine boots, mount the boot partition (if you have a seperate one),
set up your /etc/lilo.conf (if needed),invoke /sbin/lilo, and restart the
machine from the hard disk.

I use a similar method whenever my MBR gets trashed, except I have a Mandrake
CD lying around, which works along the same lines.

BTW, if you don't know the location of your root partition, and you can find
a Mandrake CD or something that works similarly, the CD has a self-contained
installation on it, allowing you to mount filesystems and determine which one's
the root.

> thanks a lot for any tip.

No prob. Hope this does the trick.


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