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Re: Crash on suspend

On Aug 14 2001, Alexander Clouter wrote:
> this is more than likely to be a problem with the BIOS.  Are you using
> anything like LBA (I think this is more DOS/Windoze fix though), is the
> hibernate partition the correct size (however I think lphdisk will tell
> you, have you tried using the DOS phdisk instead?).
> those are my first thoughts......
> if that doesn't help try seeing if there are similar reports in the
> newsgroups/web about windoze users problems with a similar setup.

	Unfortunately, I can't help with this problem, but I'm a
	newbie with regard to laptops. I just acquired mine, a
	(second-hand) Compaq Armada V300, two weeks ago and with my
	ignorance on the subject, I partitioned my HD without any
	hibernation partition.

	So, my question is: does the Compaq Armada V300 need this
	partition? Should I create it with the lphdisk utility or
	should I use another one?

	I just read parts of the Laptop Howto, but these questions
	where not answered there and I'd love to have my laptop
	working as well as possible under Linux.

	I'd appreciate any handholding or directions that people can
	provide me.

	Thank you very much, Roger...

P.S.: It does not use a Phoenix BIOS, I think -- it uses a BIOS made
by Compaq (or is this Compaq BIOS a Phoenix BIOS with some "make up"?)
  Rogério Brito - rbrito@ime.usp.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito/

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