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Re: tpctl and kernel 2.4.7

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Ignasi Palou-Rivera wrote:

> I have another problem now, though. The modules load fine, but I can't
> do anything with the tpctl utility. Calling something like 'tpctl -ix'
> gives a 'Function not supported' message (Sorry, I don;t have the

AT a first glance, your problem would seem to be this:

Not all functions are supported on all thinkpads, and the 'show me the
whole group' options for tpctl don't recover from this - tpctl just bombs
out when it encounters an unsupported function - if you try the individual
item options, you should be able to figure out which nits are supported and
which aren't. Also, ntpctl should work. [I assume here that the thinkpad.o
module has been loaded and is happy...]

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