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Cursor Gets Stuck

It is a ps/2 mouse.  I do have a wheel device on it.  Does this make a
difference?  The mouse itself actually works.  It is the cursor will only
move along the bottom of the screen.  I can go left and right but not

In reponse to a response, what is the gpm and how would this affect the
cursor?  I have a feeling it has something to do more with how the monitor
is set up.

I am using black box and it is the firsttime I have seen it.  Basically, I
see what looks like a samll title bar at the bottom of my screen.  When I
move the mouse, I see menus pop up but I can not click the options since
they are beyond the limits of where the cursor can go.  Should this title
bar or slit(blackbox) be on the bottom?  I am new to the X-window
environment so I don't know.

Thanks for all the help so far.

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