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Re: Trademark Trouble: Asterix - MobiliX

lunedì 06 agosto 2001, alle 19:59, Werner Heuser ha scritto:
: Dear List Members,
: the site MobiliX http://mobilix.org is dedicated to 
: "Mobile UniX systems" on laptops, PDAs, cell phones and more.
: It  leads you to a lot of useful hands-on information about installing
: and running Linux and BSD on laptops, PDAs 
: and other mobile computer devices.
: My lawyer has written these arguments to the legal representative of
: Les Editions Albert Rene. But the laywer announced
: to continue to take legal action.
: Please mail me if you have any information about similar trademarks 
: or other means to help. I will also ask the Free Software Foundation - 
: FSF for assistance.
I read a similar story on WindowMaker web site. WindowMaker.org is the
window manager we know, windowmaker.com is a window "builder" firm. Look
for this strange omonimy on the windowmaker.org site.


Stefano Canepa e-mail: sc@linux.it
Via Coni Zugna 4/4 - 16164 - Genova 

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