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Kernel hang (probably) with some APM accesses


Laptop is a Sony PCG-F801. I have APM compiled in. APM generally works
fine: Using the keyboard, I can suspend to RAM and it comes back up
reliably. I don't suspend to disk since I have erased all partitions
when I wiped Windows (had no clue, unfortunately) and I believe there
was a supspend-partition. apm -[s|S] work well on command line, too.
However, when I use gkrellm's apm monitor or gnome's battery applet
(both the old and the new), the laptop freezes soon after starting of
these apps (I suspect when they first access apm info (cat /proc/apm
does no harm, though, unsurprisingly)). I can't even ssh in, so I
suspect the kernel hangs.

Any ideas?

BTW, a funny thing happened to me when I wanted to register the laptop
online on Sony's Vaio site. It didn't work, so I sent an email to
support, saying that I can't register. Told them that I use
Linux/Mozilla, and asked if that's a known prob. The next day I got a
replay, saying, paraphrased "We don't support that OS. If the hardware
is damaged through that OS, you're on your own. Also we have no programs
to download for that OS" and so on, in unfriendly tone for lines and
lines. I asked back if they have gone crazy, it works fine, thank you
and I don't want to download anything. Just want to register the darn
thing like any other customer. Next day I got a reply: "We apologize for
the autoreply".
I guess they have a filter like "if body contains linux|bsd then reply
'f**k off'".

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