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Re: Trouble with X 4.0.3 on IBM T22 (kernel 2.4.5)

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Fini Hansen <beast@system-tnt.dk> writes:

    Thomas> I'll bite. I can't quite get the network up after suspend
    Thomas> on my A20m. It used to work half the time, then I fiddled
    Thomas> with it, now I pretty much never works. Tried fiddling
    Thomas> again as I'm tired of doing a /etc/init.d/networking
    Thomas> restart.

Ahhh!  That I haven't done.  Sorry, I probably should have been
clearer about this...

The problem I'm having with the eepro100 in the T22 is that it won't
come back after a suspend (to disk) no matter what I do.  This is the
case even if the interface has been taken down, but the module has not
been unloaded.  I have to reboot to get the interface back.

On suspend I simply down the builtin ethernet (ifdown eth0) and then
bring it back up when I resume (ifup eth0).  This is usually
appropriate, since this is the most common network interface that I
use.  In my post-down I do "/sbin/modprobe -r eepro100" and on up the
module is automatically loaded via modules.conf stuff...

peace & happiness,

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