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Re: SVGA and XF86Config (fwd)

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Eric Borton wrote:
> I have a 3040 CDT Toshiba laptop using Debian Woody.  I am also using
> xf86 version 4.0.+.
> After I run xf86config, I can get the x window to show in 800x600 at
> 8-bit.
> I tried to step up to 1024x768 using 16-bit.  I received a error message
> that the svga server was not available.  I tried to apt-get install svga
> but this did not work either.  Also, I tried to edit the xf86config-4
> fiile and eliminating the generic vga section and leaving only a svga
> portion for the trident driver I have.  This still does not work.  Can
> someone tell me if I am missing a command or a lib or file.
are you sure that the chipset is a trident one?  Also have your been to
www.linux-laptop.net to see if someone has alread written a XF86Config
file for your laptop?


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