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Debian FDISK vs. Microsoft Format

Good afternoon, may your aim never waver.

I am trying to install Debian and Windows on the same 4GB 
drive, and have run into a snag.

After giving up on Windows, and making backups, I booted
from the Debian CD and repartitioned. After reading the
Multi-OS mini HowTo, I set up 4 partitions:

2.5GB FAT32 Primary Boot
1.6GB Linux Native Boot
100MB Linux Swap
100MB FAT32 Logical

Debian installed fine, no problems.

Putting in the Win95 CD and floppy, I started to format
the C: partition.

HOWEVER: Format reported 3.9GB of C: drive. This is very
wrong. MS fdisk (on the floppy, yes I've done this sort of
thing before) reports the correct sized partition of 2.5GB.

Did I do this in the wrong order? Should I have used MS fdisk
first, to create the partitions, then Debian fdisk to redefine
as the correct partition types?

That is the only thing I can think of doing differently. But
I would prefer not to loose the Debian install.

Suggestions gladly received.


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