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Debian on new ibook dual USB: Net Install

[I'm reading debian-laptop via usenet. I posted this article before, but
it seems that the gateway does not forward postings to the newsgroup back
to the mailinglist.]

Saturday I tried to install Debian on my friend's brand new ibook.              
I am experienced with debian on i368, but don't know about macs. Also,          
I don't have any Debian CDs of the PPC build, so I tried a net install.         
This all worked smoothly on a iMac. But I had some problems on the              
new iBook dual USB:                                                             
I booted the installation system that I downloaded from sourgeforge [1]         
using yaboot, everyting went fine, till I tried to install the system           
over the net. It claimed                                                        
Unknown PHY ID (forgot the number).                                             
It seems, debian does not recognise the ethernet adapter of the ibook. Is       
there a updated installation system? Do you have any other ideas,               
how to install debian on a new iBook?                                           
Thanks in advance,                                                              
[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/debian-imac/                                
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