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Re: Crash on suspend


Compaq did their own bios for everything. If memory serves they were around before phoenix. My Compaq 7800 has a hiber8.dat that it backs up to in windows / dos. The bios understands fat32 natively. Probably you can fool it into puting the file somewhere else (mine does since I have a 20gig hd 1/2 w98se 1/2 Linux development) it nicely puts the file in the fat32 partion but then starts execution there. The penguin's trapped inside the hiber8.dat file of course get promptly terminated and W98SE does it's bad shutdown stuff. You get to see the penguin's remains washed out of your ext2 file system the next time you boot. Poor penguins ;)

Cheers John

> P.S.: It does not use a Phoenix BIOS, I think -- it uses a BIOS made
> by Compaq (or is this Compaq BIOS a Phoenix BIOS with some "make up"?)
well (l)phdisk is going to be completely useless then.  Unless of course
Compaq (like lots of other manufacturers) bought the source code, altered
it for themselves and then bundled it off.

What you need to do is go to the Compaq website and download any useful
*DOS* drivers for your laptop, howfully in that lot will be a hibernate
partition making tool.  However bear in mind that some laptops (probably
yours too) won't use a hiberation partition but instead create a file on a
DOS partition.

happy searching


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