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Re: DPKG probs

Johnny Morano wrote:
> hey all
> i know this is prolly the wrong mailinglist, but since i'm using my laptop 
> now, which has debian installed, i'd better post it here than to waste my 
> time trying to figure out what mailinglist to send it to (i have a life you 
> know...)
> so, the thing i'm trying to do is something like the `rpm -qf <filename>` in 
> debian, so i can find out to what package this <filename> belongs. and no, 
> it's not in the manpage...of dpkg i mean.

Sure it is.  Here's the snip from man dpkg:

       dpkg -S | --search filename-search-pattern ...
              Search  for a filename from installed packages. All
              standard shell wildchars can be used  in  the  pat­

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