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Re: serial and parallel ports

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Jim Nutt wrote:
> Ok, anybody have some ideas on how I can keep the serial and parallel
> port driver modules from loading on bootup? I'm not using either and I'd
> rather not load anything I can avoid loading (I'm trying to strip my
> kernel to the bare minimum). This is on a toshiba satellite 490XCDT.
if the modules are automagically loading then you will want to alter
/etc/modules to stop loading them on bootup.  If its because the ports are
being probed on boot up then you have to find out wants being probed
(infra-red is typical for the serial module) as for the parallel port its
likely to be some parallel-ide driver thing.  Thats just my guess.

When you say strip the kernel, do you mean you haven't recompiled yourself
a kernel by hand?


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