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Sync Mail folders without imap

Hello List,

i'm new to this list (as my notebook to me) and have an issue:

I want to sync my mailfolder on the notebook with the one on my
mailserver/firewall. I found isync and mailsync, but both require
running an imap-server on my mail machine which is not what i want. I'd
prefer something like rsync or unison, but with syncing from modified
mailboxes on both sides. Someone having an idea?

I found a thread on this issue in the archives (geocrawler) from 99, but
that was about slink and didn't help me. I'm running woody.



Karsten Heymann                      <karsten.heymann@gmx.de>
Netzwerkverwaltung              <karsten@ecology.uni-kiel.de>
Forschungsstelle für Ökosystemtechnik        Universität Kiel

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