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network connectivity problems


stock kernel of potato on dell latitude cpi with 3COM ethernet PCMCIA card (model 3CCFE575BT-D).

kernel 2.2 : the following modules are loaded : ds, i82365, pcmcia.care and then 3c575_cb and cb_enabler -->problem, the connection first works but looses connection after couple of minutes

so we tried with:

kernel 2.4.7: but this is even worse: on "etc/init.d/pcmcia start" it returns ".../i82365.o: no such device" and in the kern.log we find "Intel PCIC prob: not found, ds: no socket drivers loaded

in .config : CONFIG_PCMCIA=m, CONFIG_CARDBUS=y, CONFIG_I82365=y, #CONFIG_PCIC is not set

(the card slightly damaged but works fine under windows2000)

any hints?




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