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Re: Debian into an existing Loopback file system

> There are distros that are designed for people who want to give linux
> a try without repartitioning.  I tried one a couple years ago, and it
> had a windoze-based installer that created the image file, and set up
> loadlin with an initrd thing.  If you get stuck, just look at how they
> do it, or just use one of those and morph it into Debian once you've
> installed :)

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Dragon Linux in a
one-gig loop-back "image file".

And I would like to "morph it into Debian", but I'm not a
programmer. I don't know all the ins and outs, thus my
original statement that I know the best way to change 
distributions is to wipe out the old one and install the
new one. Well, I would like to keep the present launch

Debian web page and docs have no "neat loop-back image file"
type of install described, just second partition style.

Has anyone done this, changing from an non-Debian to a 
Debian "distribution" without actually erasing anything?

The problem with Dragon Linux is its reliance on Slackware.
The RPM's are unworkable, for me, and it's missing some
security library object files that are making ssh fail.


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