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Re: X exits into unreadable screen

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001 19:16:06 CDT, Kent West writes:
>If I understand you correctly, what you're describing I've seen also, but it 
>wasn't related to Linux. It's related to a setting in the laptop's CMOS 
>("Expand Video", or some-such) and the way that setting interacts with video 
>modes. If your laptop has such a setting, try experimenting with it.

I haven´t been messing round with the laptops BIOS since I installed 
 a more sane OS (Debian<->w98, guess) (some 6 months ago), but I´ll have
 a look on monday.


&r<reply-to set to debian-laptop, what´s the proper incantation for 
 x-post (like in usenet), cross-mailed?>w
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