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dialing question

I use the scripts configured with pppconfig to dial my service provider.  When I'm local, the script just dials the 7-digit number.  When I'm travelling outside of my service provider's area, I edit the script (/etc/chatscripts/provider) and add the area code.  I'd like to edit the script to: (1) dial the toll-free number on my long-distance calling card, (2) wait for the tone, (3) enter the 4-digit code, (4) wait for a dial tone, and (5) dial the ISP's phone number.  I've looked over the documnetation, but I can't figure out how to get those pauses into the script.  Can anyone point me in the right direction here?  I use scripts from the Debian ppp package, but if one of the other dialers (wvdial, diald, x-isp) handles this better, I'd switch.

Perhaps this question is only peripherally related to laptops, or to Debian; if so, I'll apologize in advance.

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