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Re: IBM 600 E

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Jørgen Ruud wrote:
> I have a thinkpad 600E with 132 mb ram. I going to install debian
> testing (woody) on this an I have a few question about DVD and divx on
> this machine.
> Will I be able to use the DVD player under linux?, and will this
> machine be able to play divX fullscreen under linux?. This machine has
> a tv-out-port, how do you tell X to pipe output to it?.
if the laptop has it, you will be unable to use the hardware MPEG2 (aka
DVD) decoder as IBM although says it is opensource has not (as far as I
know) released anything that will allow us linux users to use the hardware
decoder in the laptop.

however the laptop should be of a high enough spec to allow software
decoding, fullscreen and in realtime.

As for the tv-out-port I don't know.  I guess it could be considered as a
doubled headed display or something, otherwise if its all done magically
in hardware (like a normal SVGA output socket on a laptop) you shouldn't
have any problems.

however if you had spent 20 mins looking with google on the internet you
would probably know all this already.......... :-/

> What programs would solve my problem best? (dvd, divx) Xine?
mplayer, VideoLAN, take your pick.

mplayer is my favourite, however you have to make sure you have a happy X
installation, that means DGA set up and SDL working nicely for the best


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