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Routing problem w/wireless ethernet (802.11b)


I'm not a newbie with Debian or with networking, so this problem has been
extremely frustrating to me.

I have an old ThinkPad 760e with an Ositech Jack of Diamonds combo
enet/modem card and an Lucent Orinoco gold card.  I want to use the unit
as a wireless "access point"--basically a router from the wireless
ethernet onto my home network and from there out my DSL line to the

I have successfully installed Debian unstable onto it and upgraded the
kernel to 2.4.9.  The ethernet adapter and the 802.11b adapter both work
fine.  The 802.11b adapter is in ad-hoc (aka "peer-to-peer") mode.

This is the way my network is setup:

DSL ------- Linux box --switch-- TP 760e --wireless-- Dell Latitude (w2k)
Internet    eth0: dsl            eth1, ethernet:      802.11b:
            eth1:    eth0, 802.11b: 

The Thinkpad can ping the Linux box at and it can ping the
Latitude at  It can also reach the general Internet.
The Latitude can ping the Thinkpad at both and
It *cannot* however, ping the Linux box at or reach the
general Internet.

IP forwarding is turned on.

For various reasons I don't want to use masquerading--I would rather just
route.  However I was under the impression that this should "just work"
without any setup other than ip_forwarding.

Here's the routing table on the Thinkpad:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination    Gateway      Genmask       Flags    Metric Ref Use Iface    *   U          0     0   0  eth0    *   U          0     0   0  eth1
default       UG         0     0   0  eth1

What am I missing?  I know it's something stupid.

Thanks in advance!


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