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Re: Crash on suspend

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Rolf Heckemann wrote:
> I wonder: am I missing a step in between setting up the partition with
> lphdisk and invoking suspend?  Or will it not work at all with an
> "oversize" disk because of BIOS constraints?
> - No-name laptop, very similar to ASUS 9000 series
> - Phoenix BIOS V6 R4
> - Pentium III 600 Speedstep
> - 192 MB RAM
> - /dev/hda4 with type 0xa0, 222 MB, cyls 305 to 331 (2432 total)
> - Kernel 2.4.5 with apm as a module (kernel hasn't changed from when it
> 	worked with the old disk)
> Thanks for any hint
this is more than likely to be a problem with the BIOS.  Are you using
anything like LBA (I think this is more DOS/Windoze fix though), is the
hibernate partition the correct size (however I think lphdisk will tell
you, have you tried using the DOS phdisk instead?).

those are my first thoughts......

if that doesn't help try seeing if there are similar reports in the
newsgroups/web about windoze users problems with a similar setup.

good luck


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