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Re: ThinkPad A21m sound card instructions request.

* This one time, at band camp, Stef?n F. Stef?nsson said:
> Hello.
> I'm wondering if anybody has instructions on how to get the sound card
> on an IBM ThinkPad A21m to work.
> Currently I get the following error message when I log in using X (KDE)
> as a regular user:
> 	Error while initializing the sound driver:
> 	device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Permission denied)
This is a simple case of a normal user not having permissions to access
the device at all.
> 	The sound server will continue, using the null output device.
> However, when I log in as root then instead of the string "(Permission
> denied)" I have the string "(No such device)".
This means that, even though root has access to the device, the sound
card doesn't 'exist' as far as the kernel is aware.  This would be the
error you got for your normal user if you add it to the audio group.
> It should be noted that I really haven't done anything to get this
> working so I'm looking for instructions on the normal process... this
> isn't some special case scenario where the sound card just won't work
> (well... I hope it isn't).  It's just that I've been looking for
> information on how to set up the soundcard and I can't find any.  I'm a
> Linux beginner so please be gentle... ;o) (a step by step guide would be
> just great!).

Since you haven't stated what soundcard/chipset is installed in the
laptop, I can't be of much more help.  Have you tried googling for the

I tried a quick query and found this page :
which seems to have some info on - Don't know if its going to be really
helpful - but you never know.


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