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Re: XMMS Fonts

On Wed, 2001-08-29 at 17:07, Wayne Schneider wrote:
> I am running "woody" on a Dell Inspiron 8000 and only seem to have one small problem.  I cannot get the playlist to show up in the playlist editor.  I know that it is a problem with the fonts, but cannot locate the problem.
> Any suggestions?
> wayne
 I had the same problem, the solution can be found in the xmms bugzilla.

"OK, this file includes a empty id3v2 tag.  A workaround is to disable
id3v2 tags in the mpg123 plugin, but we should ignore id3v2 tags that
contain no useful info." 

In other words, the program you ripped the files with (or whoever ripped
them) didn't make ID3v2 tags, so they are empty, and xmms displays the
empty tags instead of the only available tags, the IDv1 tags. Bascially,
change the mp3 plugin to diaable IDv2.

Jonathan Schwarz

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