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Re: XMMS Fonts

	So, this isn't a Debian issue, but I don't think this is
true.  I listen to mp3's with id3v1 tags all the time and xmms
displays the information perfectly every time.  And I don't even have
id3v2 tags disabled.


On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 07:29:38PM -0400, Jonathan Schwarz wrote:
>  I had the same problem, the solution can be found in the xmms bugzilla.
> "OK, this file includes a empty id3v2 tag.  A workaround is to disable
> id3v2 tags in the mpg123 plugin, but we should ignore id3v2 tags that
> contain no useful info." 
> In other words, the program you ripped the files with (or whoever ripped
> them) didn't make ID3v2 tags, so they are empty, and xmms displays the
> empty tags instead of the only available tags, the IDv1 tags. Bascially,
> change the mp3 plugin to diaable IDv2.
> Jonathan Schwarz
> js@speakeasy.org

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