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Suspend on Omnibook XE3

 I have an HP Omnibook XE3 running Debian (of course!)  but I have a little 
 problem. When I try to suspend (using apm -s as root) the screen get 
 blanked for a moment and then it returns an error message:  
         apm: Input/Output Error. 
 I have seen the logs and in syslog it's always the following line: 
         apmd[147]: Normal Resume after 00:00:03
 In /var/log/messages:
         apm: suspend: Unable to enter requested state
 Info. about the system: Debian Potato, kernel 2.4.6, APM BIOS 1.2 (kernel 
 driver 1.14) 
 Anybody can give me a hint?
 Jose Manuel Gomez
 .signature was eaten by a GRUE  

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